Facts on the Flock

We want to help you help yourself. Some folks have not heard of target browsing and the idea is not always understood. We have provided all kinds of information to help you educate clients, board members and stakeholders

Brochure for Clients & Board Members

This print out is perfect for explaining what we can Offer and how Target Browsing works and its many Advantages with your clients, stakeholders or board of directors.

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Advantages Print & Share

Perfect for sharing, click on this file link to immediately down load our Advantages BPM&R.


Tri-fold Brochure for Large Groups

This is a one page hand out for large groups, click here to download it immediately Hand out Brochure.

Online Resources and Data


Man has utilized animals and fire for thousands of years to change the landscape. In western culture target browsing has been used commercially for the past 20 years. Below are several resources that you may find useful when explaining what Target Browsing is to your clients and stakeholders.

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Case Studies & Journals

Videos, Websites & Other Partners